The Gift of Time

A real gift of this time supplying for the chapel at Amagansett is its flying in the face of our usual shared way of life.

Usually we are in some measure stressed, rushed, under pressure, short-on-time, wondering how to get it all done, and add whatever other phrase might describe your like experience.

Coming here, you arrive at a quiet chapel, a peaceful cottage, a bustling village of vacationers, and are afforded up to a week to experience, learn, and enjoy all of that. Why? In terms of ‘doing’ (in a sense), so that you can celebrate one Eucharist on the Sunday at 10 am. That’s it.

No money is exchanged, but the gift of time is given with open generosity, as God gave it from the beginning.

The irony is that, in this context, with more inner freedom and an easy pace, more gets done.

So, consider finding gracious ways to give yourself and others the gift of time.

Maybe even if it costs you money.Time

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