I had a dream last night. I’ve been thinking about it through the day. Not much insight yet, but it’s thought-provoking.

I was in a church, a beautiful building. I knew right away I was in Italy. Somehow I came to know the church was Santa Maria Novella. I had forgotten, but looked it up after I woke up, that it is located in the city of Florence.

Standing talking with a group (maybe visitors?), we were looking toward the altar. Suddenly, from the two extremes left and right, it began to shake, to tremble, and finally to collapse. There was noise and dust and cries of fear and surprise. The whole altar eventually went down and the great window above it trembled as well.

And then the dream ended. Here’s a link about Santa Maria Novella. Hopefully no follow-up dream tonight!

Santa Maria Novella (Angel Alicarte, Flickr)