A Prayer

Dear God,

Grant us patience with one another when we see things differently. Grant us the good will to assume that others are sincere in their viewpoints and opinions, and doing the best they can to embrace the truth.

Let your truth, which is love, move us and transform us. Let there be born in us a generosity and a courage greater than we ever thought possible.

Let your good news ring in us and through us as ‘new’ indeed, and as able to change what otherwise looks inevitable.

Let hope be reborn in us by your grace, resurrected again and again after it has been killed by violence and misunderstanding, by hatred and force.

In this time, when we most need to be, grant us the strength to be your people. To make your Gospel our life’s rule. To refuse to place walls between our hearts and the hearts of those who suffer, wherever they suffer, alone in the world.

Help us to be now what we have in easier times claimed to be: disciples of your son, our brother Jesus Christ.

In him we pray, without fear.



A Smile


Words speaking to me today: “However well your actions may have succeeded you did not work so completely, perfectly and securely – owing to their impurity and awkwardness – as you do now that God takes you by the hand and guides you in darkness, as though you were blind, along a way and to a place you know not. You would never have succeeded in reaching this place no matter how good your eyes and your feet.”

~ St John of the Cross


“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

#gratitude #Thanksgiving

And finally. This.

If we live in fear we will die in fear.
If we admit our fear we can live beyond it, with courage.
With courage we can do more than fear ever imagined possible.
When we limit ourselves,
we limit the world.

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