The Fall

The color begins warming

As the air cools.

And soon, you know it in memory,

Leaves begin to fall

Letting go and spinning

Toward the earth, from whence their life began.

I let go too, if I dare; as do you

And even if I don’t, sooner or later it is required:

I let go.

Of youth, of strength, of health, of possibility, of future days.

With the leaves I fall toward the love that brought me to birth

I fall into the throne room of God,

And find, there is no throne there.

There is the Maker in his endless banquet hall

Proceeding from guest to guest, sitting to chat for eternity

Heart to heart.

So welcome to fall,

And to the best of landings.

[9.23.22 at the Society of Saint Margaret, Duxbury]

One thought on “The Fall

  1. Thank you, John. I found your imagery of aging resonant and hopeful. Love the idea of eternal company and conversation with God.

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