Minutes of prayer

Before hours of sleep

Maybe this should be


Here in the darkness

There is light.

The sound track tonight

Is rain

Heavier by the moment.

It sounds right

It rings like tears for

Realities deserving of wrenching sorrow

Righteous anger

An unending search for Justice

And his sister, Peace.

A man in his twenties killed by almost 5 shots for every year he lived

A 78-year old gentleman moved by his family from Mexico to live more comfortably his later years

Dead by gunfire

At an Independence Day parade, where

A 2-year old boy becomes in a bloody instant parent-less.

In the darkness here, in the heavy darkness

The heavens weep, without comfort

But in this room, in scant moments of prayer

There is light.

Yet what will the light reveal?

Do I dare to look?

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