Even here

“To you do we send up our sighs; mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.”

~ from the Salve Regina


Do I each evening

Remain awake and active just long enough

To scrape the last skin striving to heal the cut off

To watch the last leave fall from the tree of memory

To let the darkness seep inside the eyes

So that those familiar faces and voices

Those loves so much a part that should they appear ten thousand days past, again

Would be as familiar, as home, as comfort, as embrace of soul as ever in times past?

Why do I await the “mourning and weeping” as if I’ve never heard their step before? Or tasted the edge of their blade?


But the light beckons.

Not only in the promised Morning yet unseen

But even here, now,

Before the burning lamp and the steady eye and hand of blessing

Even here, there is light.

“And the darkness shall not …”

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