In memory of as good a friend as one could find

Today, to be awake is to weep.

At my side, as always and everywhere, on the couch last evening,

preparing to end the day, your days ended instead.

You raised your head, looked eye to eye, laid your head down and were gone.

From God’s generous hands to mine you came, and there you return I know.

You have done so well; your love without measure and constant. Every day.

How could I ever deserve, how did I earn the trust that shown in your eyes whenever you looked my way?

Like all real love there was no earning; there was only giving and receiving.

And that was more than enough. That was a world of good, and a good world revealed.

I named you out of the name of a great church in Brooklyn, Grace.

You bore the name well, and made it shine.

I remember so much with joy and thanks today, more than I could say.

Do you remember your flying out of the elevator at Little Sisters as I removed your leash?

At the speed of love you swept across the floor to Mom, unerringly finding her room, jumping up and kissing her elaborately as she allowed with yelps of joy.

To the end you looked up expectantly if I mentioned her (as I did) in your presence.

Mercy remains, poor dog. This morning she came back again and again where you still lie, to make sure you knew we were going out.

She and I were going into the cold this morning. Gracie you are going to the warmth of the love that does not pause nor end.

Mercy remains. And where there is Mercy (this is truth) there is Grace.

My poor love, never reaching the measure of yours, remains my little one, and always will.

Thank you for the untellable gift of your little great life.

You were

You are

You will be

Pure Grace.

Love, John

Fast Friends

6 thoughts on “In memory of as good a friend as one could find

  1. Oh John, I’m so very sorry.  I’ve never met Gracie but it breaks my heart.  Again, I’m so, so very sorry.Love ya,Linda Linda B.Frid Kuzmin, M.Ed  

  2. John, as you know so well, our four legged family members often shower us with unconditional love. I hope that you are able to grieve and heal knowing that Grace is at peace. Prayers ascend for you at this time. Peace

  3. Beautifully said, Father John. I didn’t know Grace, although I love her through your words. You will always keep her spirit alive through your love and friendship. Big hugs to you as find moments of peace during such a difficult time.

  4. So sorry for your loss, Fr. john. Your mutual unconditional love remains always. No more pain for Gracie, just love and peace.❤️❤️🙏🙏

  5. dear John… your poetic tribute to Gracie brings me to tears. We are on our third rescue golden retriever in 24 years.. and Reilly is in the last stage of his life at 11 – and yet what a gift to have him with us. And yes, he has been a sacrament of God’s unconditional love. gratefully… john

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