Morning Light

In the early morning

Under cover of darkness

With only a hint of light in the eastern sky

Looking more like memory than promise

I took the dogs out.

The air crisp, leaves whispering on the trees in a light dawn of creation breeze:

“I hear we’re falling soon; our time has come,” and a leafish response,

“You’re crazy, we’ve been here always and we always will be.”

It’s a day off, so back to bed, granted K-9 permission, “for a nap.”

At 8, a turn in bed brings full sunlight through closed eyelids into my world.

A color, brilliant orange yellow blazes and reveals the leavings of a lifetime of sight floating relaxed within,

And veins and who knows what else, a hidden world suddenly ablaze,

Inner and outer worlds lit in unison, singing silently together

Sitting up at bed’s edge I am filled with a sure appreciation and a word of praise:

I am alive.

The dogs, patiently seated across the room, nod in agreement.

The day begins, not off but on.

One thought on “Morning Light

  1. Just this. Leaves murmuring “is it time yet”,
    Swaying ever so slightly. Just this. Outside on screen porch, cozied up with my dog under a fuzzy old plaid blanket. Just this. The air fills more than our lungs. Your writing, visions even in the dark, even in the orange light. Just this makes it all somehow glorious. Thank you

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