All Souls

Under the mask

There is a smile

Unless our eyes meet.

For the meeting, and the recognition,

Of all that is and all that asks and all that demands our hearts’ attention

Calls forth tears, flowing waters like Baptism,

Which moves in unseen way from death to life.

These days I smile when I am with others,

And the smile is real; it recognizes the beauty and worth of all eyes, every face, deep spirit breathing within

These days when I am alone, sooner or later I cry,

At the weight of all we are asked to carry today,

All we are asked

All we carry


Even so, I need sometimes to be alone, to take off the mask

To know the trace of the smile,

And to rejoice in the gift of others, bearing the burden with

JPM, 11/2/2020

Charles Deluvio, on Unsplash

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