Below: Alireza Attari. Above: Eileen Pan: Unsplash]

Imagine if you will, though you need not imagine, you only need listen; that someone dares to give everything for you, everything. So completely cataclysmically does this one love you.



I struggle to feel what that feel might be. To be loved that truly simply because I am? Simply. I am.

But then, the odds are universally blown open. It is the one they call God, the one who is, who lives from before ever to beyond forever who loves me in this measure beyond measuring.

They say (and I can’t hear this without failure and I can’t hear this with effort) that the One who lives without begin or border has willingly died for me. More they say: gladly died. So that I might really live.

And too (aye, here it is) that I might really love.

~ JP McGinty, 8.8.2020

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