Why What Why Who?

As I ascend the stairs tonight

A flurry of questions descend

Why do we hang pictures on our walls?

(Because we intend to stay)

Why do we love one another?

(To make the whole thing work my friend)

Why do we dare to still-on hope?

(Cause Faith and Love are linked right to it)

Why do we begin?

(Cause it’s always worth trying)

What is ‘it’?

(The possibilities are like stars in the sky)

Why do we search for truth?

(Deceit provides no nourishment)

Why do we keep on trying?

(You have another idea?)

Why do we help each other up?

(Because, dammit, you’re worth it)

Why do we sing (alone these days)?

(Because the melody carries us, not the other way round)

Why do we sleep?

(Perchance to dream)

Why do we endure?

(Only for a time and season)

Why does God love us?

(There’s no telling, but that commitment is our whole story)

Who’s us? 

That’s you and me. 

Never one, but always us together:

To learn that

To live that

Is to heal the wounds

To stop the hurting

To feel the peace

To bless in color

And to live.

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