A Prayer for One and Many

Dear Jesus

Good and gentle and faithful Shepherd

Look down upon our mother

And with her, upon all those who are living in situations like hers, in places set aside for care and under assault by sordid virus in these days

And upon all those who lovingly and courageously give care there

Dear Jesus, bend down very near

Let your Sacred Heart come so near as to touch the amazing heart of Mom and of all her companions and helpers

From your heart to hers and to all, pour forth the life and love that only You can give

And all the gifts that flow from Your life and love

Give peace of heart, security and safety, hope unyielding, joy undeterred, health and wholeness, prodigal love, faith flowing

And every good thing needed to support and carry on, to defend and to abide

Whatever be the battle, we know, triumph is Yours, but never for Yourself and ever for your little ones

You who love and encourage, support and defend, world without end


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