Something about flying

Late in the return flight, in the darkness of the aircraft, jets singing their way through God’s air,

A sudden awareness of every person around me, of their unique worth, of their worry, of their loveliness

Dawns in the twilight.

The young couple a row ahead, his arm around her, their laughter;

The older couple by my side, their obvious devotion, his concern as to how she’ll reach the wheelchair to head home;

The men to my left, strangers until now, sharing stories about career, family, and hope;

The woman who sits between them in silence, eyes closed;

The gentleman in front of her, a medical mask covering his mouth and nose, is he suffering an illness that threatens his presence with us?

I am overwhelmed by the knowledge (not the belief) that each and all are loved by God

Without question, without border or boundary or limit.

The old the young the hearty the broken the believer the atheist the agnostic,

Whether they know or not means less than the fact itself: each and all surrounded and upheld by Divine Love, more even than by

The intersection of wind and wing

Tears fall in the darkness for them all; not of sorrow, but of joy beyond all ending.

We are united in this: all share the one Love.

We could know it if we pause, perhaps at baggage claim, and see one another.

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