Oh Christ

He arrived at the end of the day

Or rather, I did

All was done,

Right through night prayer

The day had been examined and found wanting,

But it was at peace.

Late I arrived at the coffee shop,

The grande one

For a hot chocolate to warm up

A cold evening.

He was there, in an easy chair

Holding a life that couldn’t be easy

Old and cold and wearing a warm knit hat

He extended his hand

as if we see each other daily

(And perhaps I should hope that we do).

He said something indistinct, through thickness

And I responded as indistinctly myself.

I complimented his hat as I awaited the cocoa

And he asked me, he asked me

After a further exchange for a sandwich

“You want a sandwich,” I responded readily

Surprising myself, “what kind?” Ham and cheese, he said, but

Turkey and cheese had the advantage of presence.

I bought it. He accepted it. He offered me “how much?”

I asked him to enjoy it; the chocolate came,

I turned

Toward the dark and the cold and two women

Thanked me for my ‘kindness,’ asking me if I know him,

“I do now,” I offered and I had to smile.

I was lucky he was there, no?

All day at a church, and up the street

He came in blessing to visit me

This winter night.

The Man gets around,

Thank God.

~ JPM 2/5/18

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