Something is baking.

Whenever I am on Job’s Pond in the morning, my neighbor beyond the yew tree is up early and I hear the sounds of utensils and dishes; spoons hitting the edges of tables; eggs being broken open and the like.

Every morning, in her 81st year, she arises and joins God in the activity of continuing creation. She does not create ‘ex nihilo’ as God does, ‘from nothing,’ but she constantly takes up the good things God provides and makes of them something wonderful.

The ingredients are there, all around us. Am I, are you, are we daily taking up the invitation to co-create with God what we are capable of making?

Maybe a smile on a child’s face?
Maybe a loved one reminded that she is loved?
Maybe a meal to be shared with a hungry person?
Maybe . . .?

Your move.Blueberry muffins

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