Not So Fast!

MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 2015 AT 8:16 AM

The new week begins with six wonderful relations – through my paternal grandmother’s side! – here for a brief visit. They are presently hailing from Florida, Idaho, and Massachusetts and have just been at a family reunion in Pennsylvania.

God bless the times in the world today when we manage to slow down long enough to actually see and hear one another. Those moments are too few and far between. Jesus, particularly as he appears in Mark’s Gospel, was very much on the move through the land. But when he stopped to be with someone, he really stopped. And was present. Right there.

All the “slow” movements, beginning I think with the ‘slow food’ movement are onto something very important. It takes time to be human. It takes time to think, to allow ourselves to truly feel what our emotions are at this moment, what they are telling us or asking us or warning us about or celebrating.

There is even a ‘slow church’ movement now. I, for one, like it. I think perhaps that the turtles in the old Comcast “Slowsky” commercials

were on to something: The “Slowskys” in inaction

I expected a new commercial by now. I guess they’re taking their time. Good for them!

One thought on “Not So Fast!

  1. “There is absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush.
    Everybody should be free to go slow.”
    –Robert Frost

    You’re right, John. The Slowsky’s are onto something.

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