It was 59 degrees air temperature here this morning at Job’s Pond and mist is rising off the water that last week was measured at 90 degrees! I remember the mist from last September. So change, literally, is in the air.

But isn’t it always?

Strange that after having lived in the world this long I can still think of change, if I am not fully aware, as occasional, as breaking through the ordinary every so often and surprising or even shocking us by its coming.

But that’s not how it is.

Change is ongoing, usually incremental, but continuing every moment of every hour of every day. Despite appearances, the seasons do not suddenly change – though the revelation of that change may be experienced as sudden. We do not instantly come to maturity, or to old age, or to the end of our earthly lives.

It is all happening always.

And that is alright, or even more than alright. Simply because the One who is behind all the change is the One whose bright love is forever unchanging, and who holds us – even despite ourselves – in a gentle embrace that just goes on through all our changes.

So, the mist rises off a little lake in Connecticut, a baby is born this morning in Manhattan, an ISIS incursion takes hundreds of Christian families hostage, political intrigue cripples an African nation, friends sit talking over coffee at the Pacific coast, a couple who argued loudly yesterday afternoon are okay this morning, a scientist in middle America is closing in on a true treatment for one of humanity’s most dread diseases, a priest in Bolivia kneels next to the bed of a venerated elder going home to God.

It is all change. It is all now. And the next moment and the next moment as well. More change will follow. More mist will rise.

And, though sometimes it will feel entirely true and sometimes entirely delusional, there is Somebody in charge.

JOBS POND, PORTLAND, CT, UNITED STATES • Misty Morning Job Pond August 7 15 SUNNY

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2 thoughts on “Changing

  1. I once asked my son (then age 8) a week after a visit of a group of Tibetan monks to Cambridge Friends School if he knew what the Dharma was (the core teaching of the Buddha), he replied immediately and emphatically, “Papa, EVERYTHING’s changing!”

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