A poem: Prospect


What is in Prospect after all? Acres and

Miles of green grass trees whole and down

Flowing waters moving sailboats in motion

Waters linked to human destiny

Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn
Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn

Open space historic building busts

Of German men of music

Games of football soccer softball

Sunken treasures and lunches served

Map of Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Map of Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Oasis encased in urban reality

Reality freed in nature’s escape

Better together the websites say

Of flights and hotels autos and trains


Better shared the spring’s winter walk

With the wonder of another

One person of gentle smile sure

Wit marvelous converse

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Green in the heart of the Borough

Companion over polenta open-air

Wine hot chocolate mini-bagels

And the flavors keep coming

All this in Prospect



John McGinty, 3.27.11

After a first to Prospect Park, Brooklyn in good company – http://www.prospectpark.org

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