The Gratitude List

The fantastic, smart, warm, and wonderful friends who run C21 Online at Boston College shared a link this morning from Busted  (If you don’t know BC, C21 Online, or Busted Halo, there’s your homework assignment!).

Read all about the ‘gratitude list’:

It makes sense now as we come up to Thanksgiving week.  But it also is a compass to a healthy way to live year round.  What we’re grateful for can remain fundamentally constant, but every day there are new things to add, gracious changes, and marvelous gifts fading into the past.

Here’s mine for today.  I’d love to read yours!

I am grateful for . . . life, health, sunshine and wind, grande skinny vanilla lattes, faith, freedom, mobility, hope, love, family, turkey coming, football as background to life in the fall,

Karl Rahner, SJ

texting, staying in touch, having a place to call home, people I’ve known and loved for thirty years, people I’ve known and loved for thirty days, new beginnings, truth-tellers, public servants who know that compromise is the art of getting things done, church leaders who know themselves to be servants too, freedom of speech, the opportunity to serve, clear and constant communication, Karl Rahner’s theology (honest to God), a particular friendship, music, food, heat, the way God plays hide and seek, poetry, art, days with little traffic (where?!?), the prospect of seeing family and friends in Boston in a few days for Thanksgiving, and . . .  for the invitation to give thanks!


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