America Magazine – What Would Newman Say?

“In brief, what am I saying? Look inward rather than outward. Pay attention to your conscience. Nourish your imagination. Trust your living mind and its capacity to reach truth. In short, the roads that lead us to faith are more ordinary than we think, but our ideas and our lifestyles may have robbed us of essential anchors.”

via America Magazine – What Would Newman Say?.

One believer’s take on what the newly beatified Newman might say to us today.

One thought on “America Magazine – What Would Newman Say?

  1. Newman was one of those who has led us to believe in the primacy of the individual informed conscience. Sometimes we focus on ‘individual’ and ‘conscience’ and glide past what is meant by ‘informed’ . Maybe we need to concentrate, as he did, on where to find our spiritual mentors. Two thousand years of continuity, with distilled wisdom from generations of theologians and contemporary input from numerous geographical areas and cultures is what led Newman to become, not just a generic ‘wise man’ but ‘Blessed’ in the Catholic church.

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