In a New York State of Mind

I feel rather like a boat unmoored, one that has been accustomed to being quite connected.  Then again, it is the same boat, the same water, the same world.

I spent last weekend at my brother Jim’s house with he, his wonderful wife and family, and about 200 of their closest friends at the 11th annual McGinty Pigskin Pigroast in Catonsville, Maryland.  A pig, named Phillip, weighing in at 122 poinds, was lovingly roasted over an open flame for more than a day; the freshest French fries ever made were available in abundance (but never enough!), complimented by sweet potato fries just as fresh and good.  In addition, about every food and drink known to man and woman!  Every living generation, every race, most ethnicities and both genders were present in great numbers.  It was a great time!

On Monday morning I left Maryland and headed with my sister Ann and her kids in two vehicles northward.  We paused at the final rest stop north on the Jersey Turnpike and parted company.  They headed for home in New Hampshire.   I headed into New York and to Long Island.

Garden City, New York

At present I am staying with friends in Garden City.  They too just moved here this week.  With three little kids and all the moving stuff, the house is a scene of happy chaos.  I am grateful to have space in their new home while I figure out where I will hang my Boston Red Sox baseball cap (Wait Until Next Year!) on a more permanent basis.

I have so much learn about a new place – and what a place!  It is going to take time.  I’ll be saying more about my next steps after I make further communication with people waiting to hear from me in Boston.

My impressions so far of New York are really good.  People have been great, quite welcoming, and this section of Long Island is really beautiful.  A lot more has to come into focus, so . . . stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “In a New York State of Mind

  1. Is that a picture of the house you’ll be staying in for a while?
    Looks like you may be enlisted as a lawn-mower if it is.
    There are many who are eager to hear more about you and your future adventures. I must say you play your cards close to your chest.

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