Until we meet again: a farewell to friends at Boston College

You crown the year with your goodness,
and richness overflows wherever you are.
The pastures in the desert overflow with richness.
The hills are surrounded with joy.
The pastures are covered with flocks.
The valleys are carpeted with grain.
All of them shout triumphantly. Indeed, they sing.

~ Psalm 65

Dear Friends,

The words above from the conclusion of psalm 65 have been close to my heart all my life.

They speak of the abundance of God poured out for us, for people, where we live by the pastures, along the side of the hills, deep in the valleys – and yes, in the cities and on the Heights.

I particularly love that phrase from verse 11, “You crown the year with your goodness.”  There is a sense of completion there.  The year, that full period of time, is filled up and made whole by the goodness of God.

Throughout, there is a rich sense of abundance, of plenty for all to share, of an unending pouring out of good things to those ready to receive.

In the light of these words of scripture, what a privilege it has been to work at Boston College and its Church in the 21st Century Center!  My desire has been, and continues to be, to contribute something to the good of the church, and thence to the world.  In the measure this has been realized, it has everything to do with teamwork, to accomplishing together what we’ve recognized as worthy of effort.

As I prepare to leave the C21 Center and BC now, these words of psalm 65 have been flooding and pouring through my mind and heart again.  This sense of plenty, of God’s abundant goodness and ready presence, are in my experience at Chestnut Hill because of you.  Coming to know you, to work with you or near you, to experience the rhythm of the years with you, all of this has revealed to me again through my years at BC how good God is.  And how the goodness of God is made known in men and women.  In a world often hard and unforgiving, that is a not inconsiderable gift.  Thank you.  And may the same and greater gifts be yours now and always.

I’ll be in touch.


May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.
~Irish Blessing

2 thoughts on “Until we meet again: a farewell to friends at Boston College

  1. We’ll all miss you in Boston and wish you well in NYC. I hope you’ll have time to write, both via internet to your friends and also for publication to those who’d benefit by reading what you have to say.

  2. So,
    now that you have said your good-byes to B.C.,
    I am looking forward to learning to whom,
    in NY,
    you’ll be saying hello.

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