There was a little shaking of the ground in southern California yesterday and a 3.7 magnitude quake today in Washington, DC. Meantime, on the human side, between transition in my own life and the number of people I talk to each day, there’s a whole of shaking going on inside people from hour to hour.
All of which reminds me of a line I once heard (and have repeated since, as I think it makes a vitally important point): When everything in world and life are shaking like leaves and you appeal to God to stop the tumult, don’t be surprised to find on at least some occasions that it is precisely God who is doing the shaking.
Look to God only for stability and comfort, and you’re likely to get a big surprise.

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  1. I was on my way to a vacation in Michigan when the gospel reading was about the two sisters. In Howell, where the priest was from India, the homily was about how important it was to take time from our busy lives to pray. Pretty much what Jesus said. The bulletin from the church in Lake Odessa, where there is a wonderful Vietnamese refugee priest, reached out to the many Marthas of that farming community and emphasised the importance of contributing whatever our own talents suggest.

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