Good Times

The farewell gathering at BC yesterday for Alanna, C21’s administrative assistant, and myself, was a wonderful moment.  Bittersweet, but wonderful. A good number of the very good people with whom the C21 Center collaborates at BC were present.  The President of the university, Father William Leahy, SJ, was there and spoke.  Bob Newton, special assistant to the president and chair of the C21 Steering Committee, served as master of ceremonies.  There was iced tea and lemonade, a huge cake and other goodies, and a general good spirit.

I would say that the air was light with a sense of thanksgiving.  I love that. I certainly felt it in myself, and I heard it in the voices of the others who spoke.  There is no better foundation for mutuality and a sense of bondedness than this: to be grateful to and for one another.

Boston College seen, as soon I will, from a distance

One thought on “Good Times

  1. Gratitude, yes, for you & Alanna. And a bit of sadness that you will be leaving us. And joy for you both, too, as you move toward what is calling you now. All of those, and many more emotions, still being unearthed and processed. Still seeming to be a little unreal because you are still amongst us.

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