Jack Hammers (gracefully)

Through morning sun the sound of jackhammer on stone:

Gasson Hall under concerted planned regulated gracious attack

In the few yards between here and there birds sing

Runners run, dogs walk, greens sway in the June breeze.

And I muse:

In Afghan villages this morning violence and death prowls

Men and women who walked these streets,

And those who never have.

In mid-America tornadoes will swirl mayhem this week,

And earthquake in parts seen and unseen.

The hammer that breaks the stone, the gun,

The storm, the roiling earth:

Are not these all at last the outward form of grace,

Tools in the hand of One who wills to heal

To take down and rebuild

By whatever means necessary?

Did not Flannery say “all human nature

vigorously resists grace because

grace changes us and

the change is painful”?

The double-edged sword is wielded at

Every moment in every life.

Enjoy the assault.

It’s not only the best you can do.

It’s what you’re for.

(J McGinty, 6/25/10)

Gasson Hall, Boston College, 1913

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