Ah, Sunday!

Monastery Window
Light at the monastery window

The Sabbath is a good God-idea.  This morning I went to Mass and afterwards wandered around Harvard Square, if not aimlessly then without any clear aim.  I ended up in the Harvard Coop.  There I granted myself a latte though I’m off the coffee for Lent.  Sunday is, after all, the day of resurrection even in this season!  I picked up 2010’s version of The Best Spiritual Writing as well as the The Best American Essays of 2009.  And finally, I couldn’t resist getting a copy of The Female Brain.  It made a good gift, but I’ll read it too as it seems this is a subject every man should know something about.

At 12 noon I was in the monastery of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist on Memorial Drive.  I had been invited for mid-day prayer and a lunch in honor of the 70th birthday of one of the monks, a wonderful man whom I have been privileged to know for over a decade.  The prayer was beautiful.  The medieval-looking chapel is a spectacular haven of Sabbath peace.  And the luncheon menu, chosen by the honoree, was simply marvelous: kentucky fried chicken, green beans casserole, baked potatoes, a cherry-coke jello salad and a Lady Baltimore birthday cake.  In my new gluten-free environment, I ate everything but the cake.  Good comfort food, all of it, as the monastery’s Superior pointed out.

Of course comfort food leads inevitably to a Sunday afternoon nap, thank God.  And the books remain as future wonders to be explored.  I’ll report later on what I learn about the female brain.

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