Wendy & Us

Today I spent the heart of the day with my mother – 80 years old with the expectations and energy of a 40-year-old – one niece and two nephews.
We were stuck on the B’s first – Best Buy and BJ’s – but ended up toward the end of the alphabet eating at Wendy’s. It was a graced moment to spend some time just being together, talking, receiving hugs (even during the meal!), playing “I spy”, and connecting deeply eye to eye. What a blessing we really can be to one another.
I ended the day seeing the new movie “The Lightning Thief” with a good friend. Moral: don’t steal from the gods, and if something of theirs is missing, you’d better find it and return it!
We don’t have to steal from God. God’s so occupied freely giving to us that our larceny, I’d bet, would hardly be noted. Today I felt that generous spirit echoed in members of my family. We truly experience the like everyday – and sometimes actually notice.

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